Nirgudi Oil Extraction

There is a NGO called Rural Communes based on the foundation of development, Rural Communes, founded in 1974 with the sole purpose of finding the right means to create livelihood for the marginalised rural individuals and empower the society through Sustainable Development which is mainly focused on woman empowerment. One woman entrepreneurship group makes Nirgudi Oil for medical purpose disease like Simple Artritis(Sandhiwat). This group is helped by Rural Communes. This woman entrepreneurship group makes Nirgudi Oil by manual process. So they require automation for large scale production and reduce human efforts. So we helped them for automation process.

Ashwini Bhandare, a DIC intern who is working on this project.

Her project blog link:-

In this link she has explained the whole process how they are making manually and she visited one more place Pen where they are also making this oil. I am her guide in this project and here is what I contributed in this project:-

Basically this project was related to automate the whole process of Nirgudi Oil Extraction. As per discussion with Ranjeet Sir, I went to meet Anil Gosavi Sir, who was Ex- student of Vigyan Ashram, Pabal and is a Mechanical Engineer, They have their own company named as Climber Engineer located in Katraj. They have 25 years of experience in Design and Fabrication. They have developed 32 products in various sectors such as composting, agriculture and many more.

I discussed this whole process with Anil Sir and decided to make this project in his workshop. We had finalised some designs and materials and processes how we will make this machine. After discussing with Vaishali Gavande (Rural Communes) we passed the quotation and started working on the project.

After discussion with Anil Sir we have finalised this kind of design:-

We discussed all materials required for this automation process. As per discussion with Rural Communes they said all material should be stainless steel. So we make all material list and purchased this from market.

We have finalised this project material list while discussing with Anil Sir for making this machine:-

Part Sub-Material
Open Steel Vessel 90 liter Ball Valve


Burner Gas Pipe


Stirrer Shaft(Stainless Steel Rod)

Sleeve with 6205 Bearings


Steel thick plates

Threaded rod



Tube frame for supporting motor 4mm hollow pipe,

Nut and Bolts, Washer

S.S. plates frame supporting for Motor and Stirrer

Motor Torque:-28 kg cm

1 RC

Siemens Box for RC

Insulation for wire

3 core wire

3 pin


We bought this material from Rameshwar Chowk, Bhori Ali, Shukrwar Peth, Pune.

Some material was provided by Anil sir from his workshop. We bought S.S. material from Milan Metal, Katraj. We bought Ac synchronous motor from Srijan Control Drives, Katraj.

Working and Construction Process:-

1] First we fabricated burner to fix steel vessel like this:-



This fabricated burner will hold the 90 liter volume of S.S. vessel to heat.

2] After that we fabricated steel vessel and give outlet port of ball valve and socket drain out the oil  like this:-


This steel vessel is fabricated and fixed with one ball valve with socket to drain out final product.

3]We fabricated 4mm thick hollow tube frame to hold the motor and stirrer like this:-


This hollow tube frame will hold the motor and stirrer.

4] We have fixed motor and stirrer shaft in sleeve with bearings  like this:-


Motor will rotate the shaft of stirrer through love jaw coupling and sleeve will hold the motor and stirrer shaft.

5] Again we fabricated stirrer blade in bush like this:-


This stirrer blade is fixed in bush, this will rotate stirrer shaft and will create vertex or stirr mixture of sesame oil and extraction of Nirgudi leaves.

6] RC unit and Motor:-


This box is input of Motor, motor requires 230V and 10A. This RC unit is providing exact power input to motor.

7] Programming box of temperature:-

In this box we have set temperatures for buzzer. At 60 degree celsius buzzer will sound two times and green LED will blink. At 80 degree celsius buzzer will sound four times and yellow LED will blink. From 110 to 125 degree celsius buzzer will beep continuously sound and red LED will blink continuously. After 125 buzzer will sound continuously and red light will on. Red LED and buzzer will indicates that we have to stop the heating process and turn off the gas.



8]Final assembly of this unit:-


After making this unit we have to take trial on this model. So we did whole process and take trial on this model with Rural Communes.

While making the Nirgudi Oil whole process:-

1]While chopping the Nirgudi Leaves:-




2] While grinding the Nirgudi Leaves:-


3] While mixing water in grinded nirgudi leaves to make extract:-


4] While filter the extract from grinded nirgudi leaves:-


5] Remaining dried nirgudi leaves after extraction:-



5] While pouring the Sesame oil in vessel:-

6] While heating sesame oil upto 60 degree celsius:-


7] While adding extract of nirgudi leaves in vessel of heated Sesame oil:-

8]While stirring the mixture of Nirgudi extract and sesame oil:-


Trial video of stirring mixture of Nirgudi extract and sesame oil:-




The video of  programming box for buzzer alarm at 80’C.


We have marked on S. S. vessel to know exact liter in vessel. It will know us that how much water should evaporated.


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