Rural Communes Visit

On Thursday 28 June 2018, I visited Donwat, Khopoli, Maharashtra. I have to deliver one machine of herbal oil processing unit. This machine has made for Rural Communes, which is an NGO working in agree or women empowerment sector. I have packed oil heating process unit and fixed on foam sheets in transportation vehicle.

Where one buchat gat under Rural Communes is making various herbal ayurvedic oils of Nirgudi, Ashwgandha, Bramhini, Shatavari. Where I have given an automation for these oil making process. In this process firstly we are making juice of leaves of particular product. For making this juice we bought an 10 litre Wet Grinder. I delivered 10 litre Wet Grinder and heating unit of oil processing.

We have decided test these units for Nirgudi oil. In Idli Grinder I have taken trial on field directly. Because of first trial has not taken on idli grinder we have faced many problems while making the juice of nirgudi leaves. We have tested various experiments to see what is exact batch will make juice on idli grinder.


This trial photos are given below:-









Trial Video of heating process:-

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