Bhor Municipal Visit

Date:- 26/11/2018

Bhor Muncipal Council Visit Report

1] Compost Pit:-



This was the compost pit we saw on dumping ground. The issues for this pit is: – 1] No holes for aeration.

2] Too much home flies.

3] Smell.

The solution we suggested:-

1] Pipe with holes structure in all over the pit.

2] Make big holes on the wall of a pit for aeration.

3] Mixing needs properly.

4] Put BSF in a pit for the solution on the home fly.

2] Winthrop:-


There were 2 Winthrops of size 30Ft* 8Ft* at height 2.5 feet. Waste was approx. 2.5-3 ton of kg per Winthrop. The problem in Winthrop was:-

1] It dries very fast.

2] Too big size.

3] Mixing was not properly done.

4] Mixing of culture is also not properly done.

The solution we suggested:-

1] First mix culture in water and then spread it on. (Do not mix directly without water.)

2] Make the smaller size of Winthrop- 30 Ft *3 Ft* at the height at max as possible up to 8 feet.

3] Put all the wet waste and brown matter in the shredder and then mix it in Winthrop’s.

4] Put synthetic cloth from dry waste on Winthrop and spread water on it daily for maintaining moisture.

3] Kitchen Waste:-



Bhor Municipal Council collects 400-500 kg of kitchen waste daily. Right now they are dumping in land and putting soil on it.

The kitchen waste has very big problems:-

1] It does not decompose easily.

2] It smells very badly also.

3] Dog fighting is also a problem in this landfilling.

So we have suggested the following solutions to them:-

1] BSF can grow easily on that.

2] Warahpalan is also a good option.

3] Mangoor fish can grow easily. This solution will work as we are confident about this. We suggested them for a fish tank which one we will use for aquaponics. They also can get income from fish. We can grow fish but we need to do some study on this.

4. New Compost Pit Construction:-


They want to make more compost pit for wet waste daily processing. We suggested them that do not make more compost pit in cement construction.

If you want to make then get the design of pit from us. And they can use pits made from HDPE sheet with our suggested design of size 12 Ft*3 FT* with 2 Feet height.

5] Cloth waste:-


We suggested that use this cloth to maintain moisture content from Winthrop’s. It can be recycled and reused in other ways.

6] Belling Machine:-


They are using this type of belling machine to pack plastic waste in big kg of bunches. So we suggested to them that make only 15 kg- 20 Kg size of the bunch. So it will easy to handle for dry waste segregator.

7] Lawn Garden:-


They are making a garden from waste bottles and compost. They have problems with their plant that it does not grow on compost. The plant is withering in some days if they are watering it daily also.

We suggested use Trichoderma powder to mix with compost for gardening. This powder can also use for seed treatment. It will prevent the plant from disease.

8] Other Dry Waste:-


For the solution of other dry waste, we suggested them for pyrolysis unit which can make fuels from this types of waste.

9] Society’s Compost Pit Visit:-


In Bhor, we have visited one society which has 274 flats. They are decomposing their wet waste in compost pit made from HDPE sheets.

We suggested them that use bio-drum for mixing culture and after that put it into compost pit. Make this compost pit in the rack system.



Upcoming actions for implementations:-

1] Get BARC culture for making compost.

2] Conduct one experiment for multiplication of BARC culture with Winthrop system.

3] Get BSF and put it in the compost pit.

4] Install pipe with holes structure in the compost pit.

5] Make fish tank for kitchen waste.


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