Maker Mela Exhibition


Maker Mela is the premier event for grassroots innovations in India. It is the celebration of arts, crafts, engineering, science, the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset, and the Maker Movement. It’s a platform for like-minded folks who bring to life a diverse range of raw, unique and unconventional ideas.


I have represented Vigyan Ashram’s various technology in this exhibition. Mainly my focus was on Waste Management thing. I have presented Composter to various people who visited our stall. Along with that represented Aquaponics business model, Grey water treatment model, agriculture waste composting, solar evaporative cooking, Drying technologies, dome dryer, etc.

DBRT students Akhil Mitra and Shivaji or DIC intern Niranjan Kamble also helped to represent vigyan Ashram’s different technologies. We had total 5 stalls there which includes following technologies of VA:-

1] Composter

2] Ragi Roaster

3] Braille Printer

4] Plywood Engraver

5] Fabric academy assignments




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